Lai! Limpeh tell story. (Life Lessons)

Limpeh recently came into possession of RM200 in store credit. You don’t ask how hor. I got a lot of shady businesses where people pay me money to avoid getting hantam. *shifty eyed* Some may call it extortion but I call it incentivizing donations. I’m not proud of it but I have to earn a living hor. *strikes brooding tough guy pose*

No la, I was approached by an online marketplace to write a sponsored article on my other blog. The payment was made in the form of store credits. I have two personal development lessons here so light up a Salem, flick the booger from your long left pinky nail, pour yourself a Chivas green tea and Asian squat closer to me.

Life Lesson #1: Life is ever changing. Do not get stuck in the past and shake off your pride.

Back in the days (one of the favorite phrases of old-timer Bengs) limpeh earned RM2,000-RM3,000 per sponsored post. I wrote for various big brands on my blog and made it into a lucrative full-time job for a few years. However, what advertisers are paying for is my reach, not my superior (and entertaining) storytelling skillz.

I had a huge readership then but did not capitalize on the shifting consumer preference for visual content e.g. YouTube and Instagram. I actively resisted posting on those platforms out of sheer fucking obstinacy and lost the opportunity to be relevant. Also, limpeh had an insatiable, maladaptive thirst for booze back then so my decision making was not the best.

Point is, I see some bloggers unable to adapt and refuse a lower payment out of egoistical pride when the fact is their readership has tanked too. Don’t be like that. Accept your current circumstances and hustle to the top again. I know my other blog does not have the dedicated readership it used to. Thus, I don’t expect to command as much as I did previously. However, once I’ve built up a good readership base here, I’ll ask for more. Limpeh also not stupid k. My full-time day job is in digital marketing.

Life Lesson #2: Always choose the pragmatic option to save money

A key part of being on top of your finances is to make good decisions. My initial impulse was to use the RM200 store credit on a 999 (24 karat) 0.5g gold coin (RM180). Disclaimer: I’ve become more and more Beng as I grow older. Gold appeals to me. I used to hate the shiny stuff. Now I love it. Hell, I even considered buying a 916 gold pixiu once (charm worn on the wrist to attract wealth). 😅

However, I remembered my wife needed an external HDD for her Master’s degree. I planned to purchase it for her on Lazada. I have to admit that buying it with my RM200 credit did not cross my mind. This is “free” money. I want to buy something with it that would make me feel good.

This 0.5g 999 gold coin will make me feel good. Hey, it’s only RM30 above the market rate for 999 gold.

But would it really spark joy? What would I do with it? It will just collect dust in a drawer at home. Will I sell it to a goldsmith at a vastly reduced price to get some cash in hand? Very unlikely.

If I had gone with my impulse to purchase the 0.5g 999 gold coin, I would have needed to spend an additional RM200 on an external HDD while this gold coin festers in the dark recesses of my bureau, not realizing its value. HelloGold would be a better option for liquidity if you want to invest in gold.

I took the time to think about what other useful things I could buy and remembered my wife’s needs.

When you take the time to pause, consider and think things through, you will make better decisions.

It’s ultimately not about whether you can afford it. To be honest, RM200 is insignificant compared to my total pay package. But once you train yourself to optimize your spending and make good financial decisions, you will see the results of those wise decisions contributing to your net worth.

Keep changing for the better, fellow financial gangsters.

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