Lubang: How to Make More Money (Part 1/4)

I don’t just blog about stocks k. You all don’t simply assume hor. Limpeh is like an iceberg – got tons of substance beneath the superficial surface one. Like all Premium Bengs, I enjoy generating income so I can afford my Givenchy t-shirt and LV man purse. Also, in the off-chance I get stuck with a RM460 bill for a burger. But that won’t happen to me, coz I will call my gang to HOOT them 99. And then extort them for RM9,888 lagi. You don’t play play hor.

All jokes aside, today’s topic will be on how to earn more money.

We all need money, right? Dinero. Moolah. Coinage. That good ol’ dough. This is especially true during these challenging COVIDdic times. People are losing jobs, businesses are closing, and there’s a general air of struggling to stay afloat. My kan mei told me the other day that she is seriously considering taking on a part time job at the dodgy massage parlour down the street. Times are tough!

Money can buy you a comfortable life and smooth life’s stressors (which is a kind of happiness). Boosting my income is a subject near and dear to my heart: I am a new husband and father. I want to provide the best and build a happy life for my family.

So how does one earn more money? There are many illegal ways to boost your income – just ask the Macau scam gang leading a lavish lifestyle on social media. Someone also got busted for 51kg worth of methamphetamine in Kota Damansara yesterday and the profit margins on those are incredible. We’ll stick to the legal ways of making money here coz DAMNCHUN.COM is a respectable and virtuous blog. 😄

(or so I’ll like to think)

There are 4 ways you can build your personal net worth. I’ll go through the first in this post.

How to Make More Money Part 1/4: Look for a higher paying job

Truth is, the only sustainable way to increase your earning power is get a higher paying job. First, do all you can to be the best in your field. Read up on the latest developments and practice constantly so you become an expert. Critical thinking, creativity and management experience are highly valued by organizations so develop these soft skills.

Next, polish up your resume and look for potential employers. It helps to show the value you can add to the organization. I always create an elevator pitch about myself with my achievements in real business terms and what I can bring to the company. I only show it if there’s an opportunity to do so but I found this to be the best way to stand out from the pack.

Once you’re at your new role, constantly improve and add value so you become an important part of the company. Always learn new things, be open to new ideas and improve your processes as you go along. Your subordinates are a great source of feedback on your management skills, so make sure they know they can talk to you about anything. Managing a team is one of the more challenging aspects of work so it’s important to build one on mutual respect and common understanding.

Finding success in your full-time job is the best way to earn more money for the vast majority of people.

Limpeh likens this to joining a gang. You will need to prove to Tailo Tat that you can earn for the criminal enterprise. You must constantly find new ways to market your sus pills to Fengtau Fong, convince Timid Teck to pay more in protection money, and entice Lucky Lokman to your illegal gambling den. These are your hard skills – digital marketing, accounting, sales or whatever field you’re in right now.

At the same time, you also need to defend your turf against Big Bad Balan’s gang, develop good rapport with Dirty Dhevan from law enforcement, and foster teamwork within your posse so Ah Beng and Ah Seng are willing to take the rap for you. These are your soft skills – management skills, communication and so forth.

Channel your inner Beng to be a well-rounded leader and find success at your workplace! I’ll see you all in How to Make More Money Part 2/4. Ah Beng Ah Seng kia zai zai! Wan sui!

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