Lubang: How to Make More Money (Part 2/4)

Limpeh recently found out that a friend is earning significantly more than I am. Nabeh, I thought. You earn so much one meh? It made me feel like my pp is very small and lembik. That’s the thing though – measuring paychecks is like measuring dicks. Sure, you are bigger than some guys. But one day an African-American dude will pull down his pants and put your tiny little wee wee to shame. There’s always someone earning more than you.

There is a study about monkeys being fed cucumbers as a reward. The monkeys then saw other monkeys being fed delicious, juicy grapes as a reward for the same task. The original monkey receiving cucumbers got demotivated and stopped putting effort into the task. But we are not monkeys k. We as proud Premium Bengs and Premium Lians and should hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct.

In How to Make More Money Part 1/4, I delved into changing your job circumstances and leveraging for a higher paying job. There are many things you cannot change in your day job, so why not start a new side hustle? Think of this as penis enlargement. A side hustle will increase the tumescence of your pay phallus and make your kuku very hard. Please don’t demonetize me Google.

How to Make More Money Part 2/4: Start a side hustle

Do you have a special skill or talent? Or do you have something you’re passionate about? If you’re a great singer, you can explore singing for weddings. I have a friend who’s a gifted speaker and makes tons of money MC-ing corporate events. Another pet lover friend of mine started making atas freeze-fried snacks for pets during the MCO. If you want to buy dog snacks can go find this Sibu Ah Lian at The Meat Bar For Pets k. Limpeh gang one. You no worry she cheat you.

As for me, writing is my forte. I grew up devouring books and writing comes very naturally to me. I am also interested in personal finance, investing and personal development so I took the time to plan for DAMNCHUN.COM and develop the brand direction and voice, visual identity in images, and posting schedule before I launched.

Oh, but I don’t have time wor. I so busy.

Every Person Ever

Nothing good ever comes for free. Don’t expect your side hustle to take off by putting 1-2 hours each week into it. You spend more time watching your Korean drama series la, dey. Starting a new side hustle means putting hard work into it. I open my laptop and write at 12am after my wife and son has gone to sleep. I know next to nothing about graphics and designing so I spend Sunday afternoons teaching myself how to create good graphics instead of going to the gym. It’s a sacrifice you must be willing to make.

Once you start your side hustle you need to constantly think of ways to make it better. This is like starting a business. Use the time spent on your commute to think of new ideas. I value my 40-minute drive to work and back as I normally think about new initiatives for work on my drive there and how to make DAMNCHUN.COM better on my way back. It’s a structured approach that allows me to invest an equal amount of effort to both my day job and my side hustle.

Some creative people do not believe in having a structure. That is incorrect. I used to think like that too. I’m bristling with brilliant ideas and do not want to be confined to a box but structure is important for everything. Not being able to harness the creative chaos is a common downside of being a gifted artsy fartsy person. Learn to tame it and you’ll go far in life. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

You also need to think about how you can monetize your side hustle. Set a plan with KPIs and goals. My path to profitability is building readers before approaching related and synergetic brands for paid ads or sponsored articles. Every industry is different – but all are measurable. My kan mei just started her new job at the dodgy massage parlour and even she has her target happy endings and satisfied customers each day to help her project additional monthly revenue. You don’t look no up her hor. She got a business brain.

Give yourself time for your side hustle to take off. The hardest part is the building phase as it’s easy to get demotivated when no one comes after you’ve put so much effort into your side hustle. This is just like starting a new gang. There will be times when you and Ah Seng are the only two people to turn up to the gang fight with Big Bad Balan. You will get beaten badly. Your mom will not recognize you. But it’s okay. Dust yourself off, grit your teeth and soldier on. Thank you for reading.

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