Gloves: Rekt? Time to jump off a tall building?

If you’ve never stared certain ruin in the face and laughed, can you say you’ve truly lived? 🤔 The tight, nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach when going all in with your life savings is indescribable. Betting everything on a roll of a dice, knowing that failing means catastrophe, is almost like an orgasm waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, limpeh does not advocate gambling or flirting with disaster. Doing so will likely invite calamity unto your family. However, having the mental and testicular fortitude to wade in when everyone is abandoning a stock can bless your portfolio with exceptional returns!

Vaccine news has dealt glove stocks with a 1-2 punch, rendering most of them groggy and swaying on their feet. Pfizer and Moderna have both reported success with vaccines and news feeds have been dominated by the latter’s 94.5% efficacy and less stringent cold chain requirement.

It’s not rational to think that gloves will immediately be rendered useless with a successful vaccine candidate but that’s what retail investors believe. Logic is irrelevant.

Furthermore, Top Glove’s worker’s dormitory in Klang kena EMCO. Hailat lo. It’s going to affect 5,700 people. Manpower will be decimated. Production will take a hit. There will be an increase in operating costs from disinfecting, sanitation etc. TOPGLOV has driven all other glove counters down as investors get their panties in a twist about this scenario happening in another production factory.

Top Glove traded at 6.15 at its daily low.

My portfolio was down by 20% at one point today!

You know what my biggest takeaway is?

I REGRET NOT GOING IN AT 6.5 WHERE IT HOVERED MOST OF THE DAY. It has since recovered to around 7. The reason for not queuing is not coz I was afraid or coz I did not believe in gloves. It was merely coz I was very busy with work and didn’t have spare time to take the 30 seconds to queue.

It’s okay though. I will set my queue later tonight at 6.86 or so. Top Glove is still an excellent deal at 7. Top Glove for 7! It’s like 11/11 bargain prices got extended for another week.

I know there are many vocal investors who are bearish on gloves. Please read my article about why I’m super bullish on gloves, and if that still doesn’t convince you, I don’t really care. Limpeh not getting paid for this k. I’m just sharing my investing experience.

That said, even though over 50% of my portfolio consist of glove stocks, I also am invested in vaccines (DUOPHARMA) and cold chain logistics (TASCO). The latter is doing deliciously well today. However, the vast majority of my holdings are still glove stocks coz there is no better play right now. Discounts are there for the taking, if only you have the balls to seize them.

Be greedy when others are fearful, financial gangsters!

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