About Me

Hosay 💰 or Holland 🇳🇱? That’s the question we must ask ourselves before investing in anything – be it the stock market, gold or roboadvisors. Hi, I’m HB and I advocate for good investing habits and being financially woke. I’m a husband and father. My full-time job is in digital marketing. I’m part of the horde of retail investors that piled into Bursa during the Movement Control Order (MCO). Like you, I found the FD rates lacking and sought higher returns in the stock market.

Some of you may know me as a pioneer in blogging in Malaysia back in 2003. I got bitten by the investing bug and wanted to share my journey in a separate blog. I will be championing sound investment insights (and perhaps a few dodgy ones) as well as personal finance articles here. Damn Chun originates from the local Malaysian slang for spot on.

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Damn Chun is something we can all aspire to be when investing. Let’s embark on this beautiful investing journey of lifelong learning together! We’ll increase our Hosay moments, reduce our Holland selections and eliminate our Holangkan stock picks.

  • Hosay is Hokkien for comfortable but usually taken to mean financially well-off.
  • Holland does not refer to the Netherlands. It’s Cantonese slang for dead end venture.
  • Holangkan is a mild Hokkien profanity that roughly means curse you.

Disclaimer: No stock tips, target prices or buy/sell recommendations will be provided. I am merely sharing my own investing experiences.