Mindset: Investing & Gym. Same meh?

You may not know it, but under my pressed Oxwhite shirts is a chiseled, muscular body, sculpted by many hours in the gym. Okay la, it’s not Greek God standards but give face a bit and stop laughing at the back there. I started working out before investing but realized the mindset and skills are […]

Lai! Limpeh tell story. (Life Lessons)

Limpeh recently came into possession of RM200 in store credit. You don’t ask how hor. I got a lot of shady businesses where people pay me money to avoid getting hantam. *shifty eyed* Some may call it extortion but I call it incentivizing donations. I’m not proud of it but I have to earn a […]

Lubang: How to Make More Money (Part 2/4)

Limpeh recently found out that a friend is earning significantly more than I am. Nabeh, I thought. You earn so much one meh? It made me feel like my pp is very small and lembik. That’s the thing though – measuring paychecks is like measuring dicks. Sure, you are bigger than some guys. But one […]

Lubang: How to Make More Money (Part 1/4)

I don’t just blog about stocks k. You all don’t simply assume hor. Limpeh is like an iceberg – got tons of substance beneath the superficial surface one. Like all Premium Bengs, I enjoy generating income so I can afford my Givenchy t-shirt and LV man purse. Also, in the off-chance I get stuck with […]