Gloves: Tutup lampu! Extend! EXTEND!!

Glove stocks has taken a heavy beating since yesterday. Some say the party is over. The captain has turned on the bright, florescent ceiling lights and is presenting you with the eye-watering bill for the night. “Boss, your credit card rejected”, he demurs politely, making sure to leave the door slightly ajar so his biggest […]

How To Avoid Investing ADHD

One of the hardest lessons in investing is to keep focused and stay the course. At least for me. I am still working on it. Limpeh got a bit of ADHD one. He no study high, only learn how to high. I wouldn’t have chosen the tough life of a Premium Ah Beng otherwise. Splashing […]

KLSE: MAHSING: Tonight KTV On Limpeh!

Did any of you ride the Mah Sing Group Berhad bullet train to Hosay-land on Friday? If you did, congrats! Limpeh also profited from this stock. I watched it shoot up while taking my morning dump. It surged 20% in the 15 minutes it took for me to do a bowel movement! Very kick leh. […]

Lai! Limpeh tell story. (Life Lessons)

Limpeh recently came into possession of RM200 in store credit. You don’t ask how hor. I got a lot of shady businesses where people pay me money to avoid getting hantam. *shifty eyed* Some may call it extortion but I call it incentivizing donations. I’m not proud of it but I have to earn a […]

CMCO: Glove stocks shoots up!

Haih. The life of an Ah Beng is fraught with uncertainty and missteps. Limpeh’s gang made a killing yesterday but I found out today that we could have slayed for more. I am talking about glove stocks, of course. I sold all my holdings in Top Glove and Supermax for a very handsome profit. I […]

Lubang: How to Make More Money (Part 2/4)

Limpeh recently found out that a friend is earning significantly more than I am. Nabeh, I thought. You earn so much one meh? It made me feel like my pp is very small and lembik. That’s the thing though – measuring paychecks is like measuring dicks. Sure, you are bigger than some guys. But one […]

Lubang: How to Make More Money (Part 1/4)

I don’t just blog about stocks k. You all don’t simply assume hor. Limpeh is like an iceberg – got tons of substance beneath the superficial surface one. Like all Premium Bengs, I enjoy generating income so I can afford my Givenchy t-shirt and LV man purse. Also, in the off-chance I get stuck with […]

Glove Stocks: Still can pakai one ah?

Glove stocks seem to be entering a fresh new rally, although there’s some retracement today. I succinctly described the slight downtrend to a friend as such: Erectile dysfunction dy. Can’t up very long. Lembik. HB I am rather proud of the occasional profane gems that spills forth from my oral cavity. I didn’t think it […]

Buying at Lowest Support = Very safe, confirm jalan

Brothers and sisters, hor bo? My Road to Damascus moment a few days ago has seen me reduce my frivolous trades and focus on fundamental analysis. It is not as exciting as the rumor and price action driven speculative goreng sessions but a lot better for my heart. My blood pressure is down and I […]

Hancur! Retail traders out, penny stocks koyak.

Are you still here, kawan kawan sekalian? Today marks the end of the loan moratorium. The depressingly blood red market and low trading volumes suggests that retail traders are pulling out of Bursa in droves. This is worse than the time you challenged Big Bad Balan to a gang fight and you jio your friends […]

How to Goreng Stocks (with sample recipe and real-world example)

First off, everyone has their own recipe for the more speculative trades that they do. Just because I enjoy a bit of chilli jam in my fried rice doesn’t make me a heathen. If I’m partial to draining rice in a colander and washing it under running water, that should be my prerogative as long […]

If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away

If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away Saudara Matthew 5:30 Haih. I don’t want to look dy. I am filled with regret. Remorse overflows from every crevice of my body like hot, burning lava. Sorrow sublimates and seeps out of every pore. It burns!! But this is […]