Political drama and the stock market

Did you stock up on popcorn Super Ring? Political uncertainty triggered by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s claim that he has majority support for a new government has resulted in Bursa Malaysia falling yesterday. Some people see this as bad thing and proceed to moan and gripe on social media and investing forums. Me? I love […]

KLSE: HARTA – Head And Shoulders Pattern? Hantam dia!

I watched the head and shoulders pattern resolve on Hartalega’s chart with great pleasure. I’ve been reading up on candles and charting patterns and this was the first time I’ve seen the pattern develop so clearly. I monitored it for a few days and watched it break the neckline, plunge a similar distance, and went […]

KLSE: DAYANG – Your volatile bipolar ex-girlfriend who’s a nice girl at heart

Jialat. Why are some stocks highly volatile? They have decent fundamentals but the price swings more dangerously than your ex-girlfriend’s unpredictable moods. They can be positively cheery one second and suicidally depressed the next. Being with them is a rollercoaster of emotions – a nail-biting existence of walking around eggshells and being careful not to […]