Credit Cards: Good Or Bad?

I know people who do not own credit cards coz they believe it’s inherently evil. And it can be. Credit cards have extremely high interest rates if you miss the payments. Getting cash out from a credit card lagi teruk. That one worse than loan shark man. Does this make them bad? No. Like all […]

Lubang: How to Make More Money (Part 2/4)

Limpeh recently found out that a friend is earning significantly more than I am. Nabeh, I thought. You earn so much one meh? It made me feel like my pp is very small and lembik. That’s the thing though – measuring paychecks is like measuring dicks. Sure, you are bigger than some guys. But one […]

Lubang: How to Make More Money (Part 1/4)

I don’t just blog about stocks k. You all don’t simply assume hor. Limpeh is like an iceberg – got tons of substance beneath the superficial surface one. Like all Premium Bengs, I enjoy generating income so I can afford my Givenchy t-shirt and LV man purse. Also, in the off-chance I get stuck with […]